Saturday, 26 September 2015

Saturday Snippet: Bookshelf Tour, part 1

Hello everyone!

So, as promised, I will be doing a bookshelf tour in these blog posts (unless something else positively fascinating catches my attention), and today it's time to go to the top shelf. Now, to be perfectly honest, that's just ONE bookshelf as a whole that I'll be going through at the moment. But one wall of my room is entirely filled with them, so I might do a couple more, depending. Fact: all the pictures are taken with my phone camera, so if the quality might be a bit grainy sometimes ... that's why.

And here we go! As you can see, at the very top I am graced by some games and toys. Ahem. The first one, The Lord of the Rings: The Search, is an oldie, back from my LOTR-craze days. Fun fact: my sister and I played this only once, and she beat me, regardless of the fact that she had never seen LOTR before in her life at that point. I was too humiliated to play again afterwards! The next are Manga cards, which I didn't want for playing purposes, but more for the fact that the ilustrations on the cards are cool. Go figure. Next, a figurine of Elizabeth Swann from At World's End, and at the end a box full of Star Wars figurines. I may or may not be a bit of a geek.

Moving on to actual books.

Photocopy (I'm not sure why): Star Wars 'Phantom Menace' Visual Dictionary 
(I will admit to being a huge Queen Amidala fan, and not say a word about Obi-Wan Kenobi)
A Tolkien Treasury
(a birthday gift from my sister, because she knows me) 

Then we move to what you can see as an EXTENSIVE Tolkien-esque collection, I suppose you could call it, even if it is by no means close to being complete.

A lexicon from A to Z by the LOTR translator here in my country; 
The Children of Hurin, in Slovene; 
The Silmarillion, in Slovene; 
The Hobbit, also in Slovene; 
The Lord of the Rings, a one-volume paperback edition; 
(this being the XIIth volume of the History of Middle Earth series)

The DVDs:

and on the bottom, the VHS editions of all three movies; in front, all three soundtracks (sadly, not EE).

On top of those: the Pirates of the Caribbean original trilogy in special packaging; the Star Wars prequel trilogy; and the Star Wars Original Trilogy in special packaging with an additional DVD full of behind the scenes goodies.

Below, you can see how the shelf usually looks; I had to put one book in a different position so you'd see behind.

And that's it!

*both images are mine

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